Who will BRCC work for?
BRCC will be uniquely positioned to meet the needs of students who have found it difficult or impossible to maintain their attendance in mainstream schooling.
The small, personalised and flexible nature of BRCC will be designed to provide the safety and support that at risk students need for success.

Where is BRCC and how will students get there?
Negotiations are taking place but the college will be located within easy access of central Bunbury.

How will the school day and school week be structured?
Students will be at school from 8:45am-2:30pm
Monday-Thursday and 8:45am-12:15pm on Fridays, although times may vary if students are away from school, eg in a workplace or on an excursion.
Each day will be divided into 90 minute blocks with recess and lunch in between. The activities within each block of time will largely be determined by the teacher and class according to their goals for the day and the week.
Our aim is to provide food and recreational activities at break times.

How are classes organised?
Within each year group students are organised into classes, called Advisory Classes, of no more than 15 students.
Each class has its own Advisory Teacher and in general students remain in that group and with that teacher whilst they are at the College.
In this way the Advisory Group becomes a safe and supportive learning community where students are well known as individuals but are also expected to get to know and to support others.

How are students supported?
The first and most important level of support for a student is provided by her or his Advisory Teacher whose role is to guide and support their total learning program.
To do this the Advisory Teacher gets to know and works with the complete picture of the student. Advisory teachers know that not only does each student have a unique personality and learning needs but she or he is also growing up in a unique context that brings its own set of family pressures and individual challenges.
The Advisory teacher knows that what is happening outside of the classroom and outside of the school cannot be ignored if the student is to develop into a successful adult.
However, the Advisory Teacher cannot do it all and the College will also have a range of support staff onsite. We will work closely with external support to meet the more specialised needs of our students.

Are there school rules?
Every community has to have understandings about the ways in which they interact with and support each other and BRCC will be no different.
Students and staff will be held accountable to uphold a code of Conduct based around listening and learning. However, it will also be very clear that drugs, bullying and violence have no place within the College.

Is there a school uniform?
During the first year our plan is for the school community to design a school polo shirt and warm top to give students and staff something to wear that identifies them as part of the College.
However, in general students will be expected to wear clothing that is modest and fit for purpose.

What does it cost?
There will be be small tuition fee with reduced payments for those with a healthcare card. No students will be excluded with inability to pay.

Will we need to provide books and stationary?
Basic stationary supplies and resources will be supplied by the College but students are welcome to add to this to meet their learning needs.

What will students learn?
There will be a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, including the successful attainment of the OLNA, and on skills for personal development and work readiness.
Whilst the understandings and knowledge that teachers have of the West Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline will help them to guide student learning, it will be the students’ interests that are the basis of what they learn. Teachers will work with them to develop individual learning plans that will outline the intellectual, social and emotional skills that they will work on for a term or semester. Students will be expected to to demonstrate their learning against their learning plan.
It is expected that vocational education certificates will be part of the learning of many students, however, it is not likely that students will undertake WACE courses. Successful completion of year 12 will include a portfolio that demonstrates all aspects of a student’s learning whilst at the College.

What will students leave school with?
BRCC aims to ensure that every student will leave the College with:

  • knowledge about how to learn;
  • the ability to communicate;
  • the skills to be successful in further education or work;
  • a plan for the future, including their immediate steps beyond school; and
  • a network of people to support them.