BRCC will open its doors in 2018 for students in years 10 and 11 and will expand to year 12 in 2019.

This new school will also be a new kind of school. It will be small with a maximum of 30 students in 2017 and growing to around 90 students over the next few years.
The school will use the Big Picture Education design. It will be based on the belief tat the unique interests, needs and abilities of each student must be at the centre of the educational program.
Whilst at BRCC students will:

  • be encouraged and helped to develop literacy, numeracy, communication and self-management skills that are needed for future success;
  • have opportunities to explore and develop their interests both with their teacher in the classroom and with mentors in the community; and
  • study a range of certificates, for example in leadership, horticulture, community service, business and others.

Students who complete year 12 will be uncommonly well prepared for their futures.